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Nervous System Quiz


A nerve cell that is specialized to transfer messages in the form of fast moving electrical energy

A. neuron

B. brain

C. medulla

D. cerebellum

What bone protects your brain?

A. Skull

B. Cerebellum

C. Cerbrum

D. Deltoids

Actions which are under your control

A. involuntary

B. voluntary

C. brain

D. vertebrae

Two major branches of the nervous system

A. central and peripheral

B. peripheral and motor

C. motor and sensory

D. central and motor

____________________ control movement.

A. sensory neurons

B. motor neurons

What is a nerve cell?

A. axon

B. neuron

C. dendrite

D. myelin

A bundle of nerves that go to and from the brain.

A. spinal cord

B. medulla

C. neuron

D. vertebrae

The whitish cords made up of bundles of nerve fibers are called _____.

A. Spinal cord tissue

B. Nerves

C. Cerebral cortex

D. Receptors

Consists of your brain and spinal cord

A. medulla

B. cerebrum

C. central nervous system

D. peripheral nervous system

Someone who is “right-brained” is considered to be more…

A. logical

B. creative

Which organ takes information to and from your brain?

A. Voluntary Muscles

B. Involuntary Muscles

C. Spinal Cord

D. Vertebrae

An example of involuntary movement controled by the autonomic nervous system would be:

A. walking

B. digestion

C. talking

D. wiggling toes

Which of the following represents an involuntary action?

A. Walking

B. Talking

C. Chewing

D. Digesting food

This system receives information about what is going on inside and outside of your body. Then, it processes that information and forms a response to it.

A. Muscular System

B. Skeletal System

C. Cardiovascular System

D. Nervous System

E. Respiratory System

A reflex may occur without the _________ being involved.

A. nervous system

B. spinal cord

C. neurons

D. brain

This is a part of the limbic system and is involved in emotions and fear:

A. Hippocampus

B. Pons

C. Midbrain

D. Amygdala

Which of these organs responds to stimuli with light receptors?

A. tongue

B. ears

C. eyes

D. nose

The cells that produce myelin in the PNS are the

A. astrocyte

B. microglia

C. ependymal

D. oligodendrocytes

Which part of the brain is split into two hemispheres?

A. Brain Stem

B. Cerebrum

C. Cerebellum

D. Pituitary Gland

Which cranial nerve plays a role in the motor control of the heart & digestive organs?

A. Olfactory (CN I)

B. Optic (CNII)

C. Trigeminal (CN V)

D. Hypoglossal (CN XII)

E. Vagus (CN X)

Which part of a neuron RECIEVES information?

A. axon

B. dendrite

C. cell body

D. axon terminal

What bone protects your brain?

A. Skull

B. Cerebellum

C. Cerbrum

D. Deltoids

What do Axon Terminals do?

A. Intakes information from other neurons

B. Produces fatty tissue for the Myelin Sheath

C. Sends information to the next cell

D. Controls the speed of electrical signal through the axon

Which part of the body is like a highway for sending messages?

A. Blood

B. Spinal Cord

C. Atrium

D. Ventricle

If your body is invaded by a bacteria or virus and start to feel bad, you may develop a fever, chills, body aches and want to stay in bed. Of these options, which is the body’s physical response in this situation?

A. It’s a cold

B. Having a fever

C. Having an infection

D. Your body is not responding


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