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Nervous System Quiz


Your brain controls your heart beating.



Which part of the brain is responsible for creating new memories?

A. Amygdala

B. Brain Stem

C. Thalamus

D. Cerebrum

Neurons carry electrical signals called ________ from one part of the body to another.

A. reflexes

B. charges

C. impulses

D. axons

Type of nerve that carries messages from the brain to muscles, organs and glands

A. motor

B. mixed

C. synapse

D. sensory

What part of the nervous system is responsible for slowing down breathing and pulse?

A. Spinal Nerves

B. Sympathetic

C. Parasympathetic

D. Spinal Nerves

Which part of the brain controls balance and coordination?

A. Cerebrum

B. Cerebellum

C. Brain Stem

D. Frontal Lobe

Which of these parts is labeled B in the diagram?

A. cell body

B. nucleus

C. dendrites

D. axon

This system receives information about what is going on inside and outside of your body. Then, it processes that information and forms a response to it.

A. Muscular System

B. Skeletal System

C. Cardiovascular System

D. Nervous System

E. Respiratory System

3 things all neurons have in common:

A. Transmit electrical impulses away from the cell body to other cells, process input and decide what to do about it, are always positively charged.

B. They are slower in a myelin sheath, trigger less frequently than action potentials, open in response to physical stretching of the membrane.

C. They pick up stimuli, branch off from the brain and spine, people lose 13% of them every year.

D. Longest lived cells in your body, irreplaceable, huge appetites.

E. Neurons are red, violets are blue, I like health class, and so do you.

The small gap between neurons is the …

A. nerve

B. neuron

C. axon

D. synapse

Division of the Autonomic Nervous System (which is a subdivision of the Peripheral Nervous System) that controls the ‘fright or flight’ response to situations:

A. sympathetic

B. parasympathetic

Part of the neuron that takes signals away from the cell body

A. cell body

B. axon

C. dendrite

D. synapse

The human body has ____ pairs of cranial nerves.

A. 12

B. 24

C. 31

D. 64

True or False: Brain cells are the main type of cell found throughout the nervous system.



The _______ send and receive messages from the brain.

A. Nerves

B. Spinal Cord

C. Brain

Which area below could cause you to speak different words than what you were thinking, if damaged?

A. Wernicke’s area

B. Broca’s area

C. Alucard’s area

D. Integra’s area

Your brain is made mainly of what type of cell?

A. Muscle Cells

B. Neuron Cells

C. Skeletal Cells

D. Smooth Cells

What direction foes the electrical signal travel through the neuron?

A. From dendrites, down the Axon, and out Axon terminalsThis is a correct answer

B. From Axon terminals, down the Axon, & out of the dendrites

C. Any direction up or down the cell

D. From the Axon, to the Dendrites, and out the Axon terminals

What is the name of the part of the neuron that is pointed out in the image?

A. Myelin sheaths

B. Cell Body (Soma)

C. Axon

D. Dendrites

Which nervous system structure causes someone to have dry mouth and tachycardia after sustaining an injury from a car accident?

A. Central

B. Autonomic

C. Peripheral

D. Cerebral

Nerve impulses within the neuron are sent in _____ form

A. Electrical

B. Chemical

C. Electro-chemical

D. Petrochemical

Dendrites are part of a neuron that carries electrical signals _______ the cell body.

A. to

B. away

C. in between

This part of the brain is the second largest portion.

A. cerebellum

B. cerebrum

C. brain stem

D. hmmmm?

Messages transfer ________________ across the synapse.

A. Chemically

B. Electrically

The _____ cells are star shaped and provide a means of acquiring nutrients in the brain

A. astrocyte

B. microglia

C. ependymal

D. oligodendrocytes


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