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Nervous System Quiz


What is the primary function of the blood brain barrier?

A. to separate blood circulating the body from the PNS

B. to separate white and red blood cells circulating the CNS

C. to fight against alcohol and nicotine

D. to prevent infectious agents and toxins from getting into the brain by way of blood

This is a part of the brainstem controls sleep and dream cycles

A. Medulla Oblongata

B. Pons

C. Midbrain

D. Amygdala

The meninge closest to the brain is the

A. dura mater

B. pia mater

C. arachnoid meninge

D. denticulate ligament

The nerves in your legs are part of the ____ nervous system.

A. Central 

B. Peripheral

Which part of the brain deals with rational thinking?

A. Frontal Lobe

B. Parietal Lobe

C. Temporal Lobe

D. Occipital Lobe

What is the best way for your brain to make new connections?

A. Surgery

B. Shoving information into your ears

C. Trying hard and learning new things

D. Sleeping

The _________ is responsible for sending messages between the brain and the rest of the body.

A. skull

B. spinal cord

C. backbone

D. nerve

What is the function of the nerve cells?

A. They are responsable of your defense mechanism.

B. They transmit signals or messages to other neurons, organs or glands.

C. They transmit substances to your endocrine system to produce hormones.

What nervous system controls the voluntary functions of the five senses?

A. Peripheral (PNS)

B. Autonomic (ANS)

C. Central (CNS)

D. Sensory (SNS)

Nerve impulses within the neuron are sent in _____ form

A. Electrical

B. Chemical

C. Electro-chemical

D. Petrochemical

Which part of the brain is considered the “creative” side?

A. Left Brain

B. Right Brain

Hallucinations, seizures, and temporary loss of consciousness is a symptom of:

A. hydorcephalus.

B. meningitis.

C. neuritis.

D. epilepsy.

What is a nerve cell?

A. axon

B. neuron

C. dendrite

D. myelin

If you are holding a cup of coffee, what neurons will tell you brain the temperature of the cup?

A. Motor

B. Sensory

C. Interneurons

D. Vision

Which organ takes information to and from your brain?

A. Voluntary Muscles

B. Involuntary Muscles

C. Spinal Cord

D. Vertebrae

This is the negatively charged ion inside the neuron:

A. Sodium

B. Potassium

C. Protein

D. Electron

E. Neutron

All parts of the nervous system except for the brain and spinal cord

A. sensory organs

B. synapse

C. central nervous system

D. peripheral nervous system

What sense organ is responsible for our sense of touch?

A. Ears

B. Face

C. Nose 

D. Skin

The cerebrum deals with planning, recalling information, and decision making.



Your brain controls your heart beating.



Which part of the brain stem is the lowest and controls heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing?

A. Midbrain

B. Medulla Oblongata

C. Pons

D. Cerebellum

If your body is invaded by a bacteria or virus and start to feel bad, you may develop a fever, chills, body aches and want to stay in bed. Of these options, which is the body’s physical response in this situation?

A. It’s a cold

B. Having a fever

C. Having an infection

D. Your body is not responding

This system receives information about what is going on inside and outside of your body. Then, it processes that information and forms a response to it.

A. Muscular System

B. Skeletal System

C. Cardiovascular System

D. Nervous System

E. Respiratory System

Axons are part of a neuron that send electrical signals ________ the cell body

A. to

B. away from

C. in between

Which human body system is responsible for detecting, processing, and responding to stimuli?

A. Circulatory

B. Nervous

C. Immune

D. Skeletal


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