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Essential Nutrients Quiz


What are calories?

A. Nutrients

B. They determine if a food is healthy or not

C. Units of heat energy in food

D. The most important part of a nutrition label

This essential nutrient builds muscle and helps in the growth of hair, skin, and nails.

A. Carbohydrates

B. Protein

C. Water

D. Fat

A carrot would be a good food source for…

A. Water

B. Vitamins

C. Fat

D. Protein

Which option is NOT true about Fat?

A. Our body is mostly made of fat

B. Fat is the body’s stored energy

C. Fat is needed for vitamin absorption

D. Unsaturated fats are healthy for the body

Which choice is NOT one of the essential nutrients?

A. Protein

B. Cholesterol

C. Water

D. Minerals

A good way to get a variety of vitamins

A. Eat a lot of colorful foods

B. Eat a lot of brown foods

C. Eat a lot of soft foods

D. Eat a lot of green foods

Which fats are SOLID at room temperature?
(For example, butter, cheese, and fat from meat.)

A. unsaturated fats

B. saturated fats

True or False: Trans fats are a healthy type of fat



Table sugar is a type of:

A. cholesterol

B. complex carbohydrate

C. amino acid

D. simple carbohydrate

If you always eat 2000 calories and use 3000 calories, what will happen?

A. You’ll gain weight

B. You’ll gain muscle

C. You’ll lose weight

D. Your weight won’t change

Fiber has many benefits, such as…

A. Strengthening teeth

B. Helps with our digestive system

C. Regulate body fluids

D. Cushions joints and spinal cord

Breads, rice, and cereal are all types of:

A. protein

B. carbohydrates

C. water

D. vitamins

Ashley is getting ready for her soccer game. Which nutrient will give her body the fuel and energy she needs for her game?

A. Fat

B. Water

C. Multi-vitamin

D. Carbohydrates


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