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Properties of Hair and Scalp Quiz

The middle layer is called the ___________

A. medulla

B. pith

C. cortex

D. cuticle

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Multiple Sclerosis is a potentially disabling disease of the ______________.

A. Endocrine system

B. Cardiovascular system

C. Central Nervous System

D. Integumentary System

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The hydrostatic pressure in a capillary in skeletal muscle is 37 mmHg at the arteriolar end and 14 mmHg at the venular end. The interstitial fluid hydrostatic pressure is 0 mmHg. The colloid osmotic pressure is 25 mmHg in the capillary and 1 mmHg in the interstitium. The net force producing fluid movement across the capillary wall at its arteriolar end is:

A. 13 mmHg out of the capillary

B. 13 mmHg into the capillary

C. 3 mmHg out of the capillary

D. 11 mmHg out of the capillary

E. 3 mmHg into the capillary