Medical Quiz

Introduction to Pharmacology Quiz


What kind of drug is used to treat conditions and symptoms?

A. Diagnostic drug

B. Curative drug

C. Therapeutic drug

D. Preventative drug

Which drug route is administered by injection or IV?

A. Parenteral

B. Oral

C. Instillation

D. Sublingual

Which are the most frequently-used drug routes?

A. Topical and inhalation

B. Oral and topical

C. Parenteral and oral

D. Transdermal and parenteral

What is the therapeutic effect of a drug?

A. The desired effect

B. An allergic reaction

C. The side effects, pleasant or unpleasant

D. An effect that is produced after physical therapy

Which type of drug allergy affects the entire body and causes an inability to breathe?

A. Anaphylaxis

B. Local reaction

C. Systemic reaction

D. Drug interaction

Why might a medical assistant use the Prescribers’ Digital Reference?

A. To confirm the correct spelling of a medication

B. To prescribe a drug for a patient’s symptoms

C. To recommend drugs to a patient

D. All of the above

Which type of drug action directly affects the area to which it was administered?

A. Systemic action

B. Local action

C. Remote action

D. Direct action

Which drug route would involve placing a tablet under the tongue?

A. Transdermal

B. Oral

C. Sublingual

D. Buccal

Which drug route would be used to administer a nasal spray?

A. Topical

B. Parenteral

C. Instillation

D. Inhalation

Which of the following is an example of a liquid drug form?

A. Ointment

B. Gel cap

C. Suppository

D. Elixir

What route can be used to administer solid drugs?

A. Oral

B. Buccal

C. Sublingual

D. All of the above

What is the definition of drug?

A. A chemical that has been approved for public distribution

B. Any substance that alters the function in a living organism

C. A medicinal substance used for curing illnesses

D. An illegal chemical that affects body functions and behaviors

Most oral medications use a ____ action, which results in medication being carried through the body by the bloodstream

A. local

B. systemic

C. remote

D. circulatory

What kind of drug may be used to help pinpoint the location of a disease or to detect an abnormality?

A. Preventative drug

B. Therapeutic drug

C. Replacement drug

D. Diagnostic drugpha

An immunization is an example of a ____ drug.

A. Preventative

B. Replacement

C. Diagnostic

D. Curativeimmu


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