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Ecology & Organisms Quiz


Two types of organisms consume dead and decaying matter. The difference between these two types of organisms is that ______________ are consumers that feed on dead animals, while ______________ break down plants and animals into simpler molecules.

A. decomposers; producers

B. scavengers; decomposers

C. producers; decomposers

D. decomposers; scavengers

Which kind of niche takes competition between organisms into account?

A. Realized

B. Unique

C. Fundamental

D. Competitive

Rain carries soil into a nearby pond. This is an interaction between which two “spheres” of the earth?

A. Hydrosphere & Atmosphere

B. Atmosphere & Biosphere

C. Geosphere & Hydrosphere

D. Atmosphere & Geosphere

The unique role a species plays in its environment is its __________________.

A. abiotic factor

B. niche

C. trophic level

D. community

A tiny filter-feeding barnacle sticks to a whale. The whale is unaffected by this new stowaway. What type of relationship is this?

A. mutualism

B. commensalism

C. amensalism

D. neutralism

E. parasitism

In this picture, the holly leaf miner is a ________________.

A. first-level or primary consumer

B. second-level or secondary consumer

C. third-level or tertiary consumer

D. producer

Cowbirds are known to lay their eggs in the nests of other birds. Mother birds will feed the new chicks and their own, which sometimes means not every chick gets enough food. This is an example of ____________.

A. mutualism

B. commensalism

C. amensalism

D. parasitism

The viceroy butterfly and the monarch butterfly look very similar. Both are distasteful to predators. This is an example of ________________.

A. mullerian mimicry

B. chemical mimicry

C. malthusian mimicry

D. batesian mimicry

Many species together in one place are called ______________________.

A. a niche

B. a community

C. a population

D. mutualism

Which is not true about food webs?

A. Food webs show the transfer of energy among organisms

B. Food webs are more accurate than food chains

C. Food webs are simpler than food chains

D. Food webs contain decomposers and scavengers throughout

Organisms that eat both plants and meat are called ______________.

A. omnivores

B. herbivores

C. autotrophs

D. carnivores

Which of these is not an example of an abiotic factor?

A. soil

B. temperature

C. bacteria

D. rainfall

How much chemical energy is transferred from the producer level to the secondary consumer level in a food chain?

A. 1-10

B. 1-20

C. 1/100

D. 1/1000

Which level of an energy pyramid is most likely to have the highest number of organisms?

A. Producers

B. Primary consumers

C. Secondary consumers

D. Tertiary consumers

We know that energy from the sun is transferred into an organism because of __________________.

A. the first law of thermodynamics

B. the second law of thermodynamics

C. the third law of thermodynamics

A coral snake is venomous while its mimic, the scarlet king snake, is not. This is an example of ________________.

A. mullerian mimicry

B. chemical mimicry

C. malthusian mimicry

D. batesian mimicry

Which sphere of the earth is named using the Greek root meaning “ground”?

A. Hydrosphere

B. Atmosphere

C. Biosphere

D. Geosphere


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