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Major Organs Quiz

Having a lung disease means…

A. you cannot digest food.

B. your body cannot excrete poisons.

C. you are unable to breathe properly.

D. your body cannot filter blood.

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Somatotypes › View

What is an ‘Ectomorph’?

A. Tall and thin

B. Small and broad

C. Muscular

D. Pear shaped body

Hearing Impairment › View

Chelsea, a student with a mild hearing loss, often has difficulty following the teacher’s directions in class, particularly when the teacher is doing work at the whiteboard. Which of the following suggestions would be a most appropriate first step for the teacher to try to improve Chelsea’s behavior?

A. Repeat all directions directly into Chelsea’s ear.

B. Do not give directions when facing the board.

C. Provide an interpreter for Chelsea.

D. Have another student write down all assignments for Chelsea.