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Leaves Quiz


Which is kitchen of plant

A. Stem

B. Flower

C. Root

D. Leaves

What part of the plant is #3?
A. leaf
B. root
C. flower
D. stem

Leaves of ______ plant are used to give aroma to the food?

A. Mint

B. Coriander

C. Curry

D. All of these

Which leaf I can use to build a roof?

A. lettuce

B. coconut

C. guava

Select an edible leaf

A. Cabbage

B. Mango leaf

C. Banana leaf

D. Neem

This leaf can be used as medicine.

A. guava

B. coconut

C. palm

Collecting and dumping fallen leaves with kitchen waste in a pit covered with soil forms ———–

A. food

B. fodder

C. compost

D. composition

Leaves use the suns light to make _____ ?

A. petals

B. sunflowers

C. food

Center vein of leaves

A. Midrib

B. Petiole

C. Side vein

D. Lamina

What are the main parts of a plant?

A. buds and leaves

B. soil and sugar

C. leaves, roots, and stems

leaves of ———–plant are used in curing cough, cold

A. tulsi

B. rose

C. banyan

D. peepal

———plays a key role in preparing food for the plant

A. stem

B. leaf

C. root

D. flower


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