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Dyslexia Quiz


Which word goes with “not traditionally taught, all rules are taught explicitly, and there are no lists?”

A. syllable instruction

B. morphology

C. spelling

What is a vowel?

A. A vowel is open mouth and voiced.

B. A vowel is open mouth and unvoiced.

C. A vowel is blocked by the tongue and voiced.

D. A vowel is blocked by the tongue and unvoiced.

Which vocabulary word is NOT used in alphabet knowledge?

A. final letter

B. silent letter

C. initial letter

D. 2 medial letters

During Concepts when should we use the Linkage Procedure?

A. only during concepts of syllables and suffixes

B. during both concepts of syllables and letters

C. only during letters

D. never

What is linked together during the new concept of a letter?

A. name, shape, feel, and smell

B. name, shape, feel, and touch

C. name, shape, feel, and color

D. name, shape, feel, and sound

What is the smallest unit of speech called?

A. grapheme

B. phoneme

C. syllable

D. suffixes

The Floss Rule states that the word has to be a one syllable base word, and after one short vowel, the final /f/, /l/, or /s/ is doubled. What does this pertain to?

A. Reading only

B. Reading and spelling

C. Spelling only

D. I have no clue

Which is NOT a part of a daily ALT (Academic Language Therapy) lesson (buckets)?

A. foundational skills

B. decoding and encoding

C. sustained silent reading

D. word and worldly knowledge

Which is NOT essential for a successful reading intervention

A. working without taking a break

B. early intervention

C. intense instruction

D. evidence based methods

What is the symbol – called?

A. breve

B. minus sign

C. negative symbol

D. macron

What should students do before they write a letter?

A. take a deep breath

B. erase everything

C. say the letter name

D. help the teacher

Which is NOT a type of syllable?

A. open

B. closed

C. tongue wagging

D. r controlled

Which is usually a strength for kids with dyslexia?

A. vocabulary/comprehension

B. phonemic awareness

C. fluency

D. phonics

Which is NOT included in a lesson?

A. focus/goal

B. closure

C. surprises

D. activities

Which is NOT an example of what to say when you teach cursive strokes?

A. under, over, stop, back around, up, down, release

B. push up, over, down, up, over, down, release

C. swing up, down, across, down, release

D. curve way up, loop left, punch the paper, release

Who are two important people who influence how we should help students with dyslexia?

A. Wilbur and Orville Wright

B. Patrick and Becca Muller

C. Jon Snow and Tully

D. Gillingham and Orton

Choose the answer that is a true statement.

A. A child can have both dyslexia and autism

B. Dyslexia has nothing to do with vision, hearing, or IQ.

C. 1 in 8 people have dyslexia.

D. Dyslexia is the least common learning disability.

What does fluency include?

A. rate, accuracy, and frustration

B. rate, inaccuracy, and expression/intonation

C. rate, accuracy, and expression/intonation

D. only accuracy

What is the ultimate goal with teaching cursive handwriting?

A. easy to write and easy to read

B. easy to write and easy to eat

C. easy to spell and easy to write

D. to never use the computer again

What is a student lacking who has dyslexia?

A. phonological awareness

B. a brain

C. ability to think outside the box

D. a tongue to speak


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