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Anatomy and Physiology Skeletal System Quiz


Which hormone increases calcium and phosphate ion absorption by the instestines?

A. estrogen

B. calcitonin

C. parathyroid hormone

D. both calcitriol and parathyroid hormone

E. calcitriol

Canaliculi are ____

A. narrow passageways in the matrix connecting lacunae to blood supply

B. layers of bony matrix laid down in rings

C. also known as Volkmann’s channels

D. have both a fibrous outer layer and a cellular inner layer

Bone that are small, round and tend to develop in tendons are ____

A. long bones

B. irregular bones

C. short bones

D. sesamoid bones

A condition in which bone becomes riddled with holes making them brittle and compromises normal function is called _____

A. osteomyelitis

B. osteomalacia

C. osteopenia

D. osteoporosis

The layer of bone that is interwoven with tendons is the ____

A. periosteum

B. circumferential lamellae

C. endosteum

D. perichondrium

Which of the following steps of intramembranous ossification is correct ?

1. clusters of oestoblasts from oestoid that becomes mineralized
2. oesteoblasts differentiate within mesenchymal connective tissue
3. spicules of bone radiate out from the ossification centers
4. mesenchymal cells aggregate

A. 4,1,2,3

B. 1,2,4,3

C. 4,2,1,3

D. 4,3,2,1

Adipose tissue is stored within the

A. spongy bone

B. medullary cavity

C. diaphysis

D. metaphysis

What is the correct sequence of steps in bone repair?

1. Cartilage in the external callus is replaced by bone
2. A hematoma occurs
3. An internal callus forms at the site of injury
4. Osteoclasts and osteoblasts remodel the bone at the site of repair

A. 4,2,3,1

B. 2,1,3,4

C. 2,3,1,4

D. 1,2,3,4

If blood calcium levels drop below 8.5 mg/dL which hormone(s) is likely to be activated?

A. parathyroid hormone

B. calcitriol

C. calcitonin

D. estrogen

E. both calcitriol and parathyroid hormone

When cartilage is produced at the epiphyseal side of the metaphysis at the same rate as is deposited on the opposite side, bone _____

A. grow wider

B. grow longer

C. become shorter

D. become thicker

What type of tissue is replaced in the embryo during endochondral ossification?

A. hyaline cartilage

B. mesenchymal tissue

C. Wharton’s jelly

D. fibrocartilage

Cells that secrete the organic components of the bone matrix are called ____

A. osteoblasts

B. osteoid cells

C. osteocytes

D. osteoclasts


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