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Nail Quiz


Manicures and pedicures are some of the services offered in the school.



An absorbent cloth for drying the hands and feet.

A. Tissue

B. Cloth

C. Towel

The whitish, half-moon shape at the base of the nail is known as the __________.

A. free edge

B. bed epithelium

C. eponychium

D. lunula

A. cuticle pusher

B. cuticle nipper

C. nail buffer

D. nail fail

Feet and hands need to be given utmost care and pampering once in a while



Callous remover

A. Tool

B. Equipment

It is used to loosen or push back cuticles.

A. cuticle scissor

B. nail file

C. cuticle nail pusher

D. nail buffer

It is a treatment for the fingernails and hands consist of filing, shaping the free edge of the nail and applying polish.




What tool is shown in the picture?

A. Cuticle nail pusher

B. Nail cutter

C. Cuticle scissors

D. Cuticle nipper

The living skin at the base of the natural nail plate that covers the matrix area is known as the __________.

A. hyponychium

B. nail bed

C. mantle

D. eponychium

A soft white downy fiber for dubbing or cleaning the nails and removing nail polish.

A. Cotton

B. Coton

C. Cottoonn

A nail condition in which blood clots form under the nail plate due to a small injury of the nail plate is;
A. bruised nails 
B. blue nails 
C. abnormal nails 
D. bruised onychia

A. cuticle pusher

B. cuticle nipper

C. nail buffer

D. toe separator

A thin plastic film use for sealing the paraffin during a hand spa.

A. Gloves

B. Cling wrap

C. Apron

D. Towel

Some nail conditions can be treated in the salon. 

Your fingernails are made of:

A. potassium

B. iron

C. protein

D. magnesium

Dark nail polish can be used to cover an infected nail. 

What is the technical term for the natural nail?

A. Lunula

B. Onyx

C. Matrix

D. Mantle

name it

A. corn

B. calluses

C. dry skin

The slightly thickened layer of skin under the nail that lies between the fingertip and free edge of the natural nail plate is the __________.

A. eponychium

B. perionychium

C. hyponychium

D. bed epithelium

A tool used to cut stubborn cuticles.

A. Cuticle nipper

B. Cuticle nail pusher

C. Cuticle scissor

The hardened keratin structure covering the nail bed is the __________.

A. nail extension

B. lunula

C. nail plate

D. matrix

The surface of a healthy natural nail should be;
A. smooth and spotted 
B. flexible and spotted 
C. smooth and unspotted 
D. pitted and rough 

The end portion of the nail plate that reaches over the fingertip is called the _________.

A. free edge

B. nail root

C. nail extension

D. nail fold

Humans have nails to:

A. protect our fingers and toes

B. use as tools

C. we don’t really know


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