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Skeletal System Quiz

study of the structures of the body

A. anatomy

B. physiology

C. histology

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Oral Hygiene Intravenous Fluid Therapy Mycology Body Systems and Medical Sciences The Nervous System Transportation and Excretion Anatomy and Physiology Kinetics Surgical tech-safety Disease and Immunity Diversity Pharmacology Vitamins Mutations Hele Skeletal System Specialties: Neurological and Geriatric

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The human body has a number of barriers to prevent infection by pathogens some of which are listed below.

1. Skin
2. Mucus
3. Antibodies
4. Stomach acid
5. Hair in the nose

Which are these are examples of mechanical barrier?

A. 1 and 4

B. 2 and 3

C. 3 and 5

D. 5 and 1


The medical terminology that refers to kidney function is ___________

A. Hepatic

B. Dialysis

C. Renal

D. Cardiology