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Terms for The Skeletal System Quiz

The root word for bone is:

A. cost/o

B. lord/o

C. chondr/o

D. oste/o

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Eye Physiology › View

Where does the optic nerve take the visual information?

A. To the Thalamus and then to the Occipital Lobe

B. to the Hippocampus and then to the Occipital Lobe

C. to the Hypothalamus and then to the Occipital Lobe

D. to the Cerebellum and then to the Occipital Lobe

Oral Hygiene › View

when brushing an unconscious person’s teeth you:

A. position the brush at a 45 degree angle to the gums

B. brush from the crown to the gum

C. use sponge swabs

D. turn the person’s head well to the side