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Cell Diversity - Organization, Tissues, Plants and Animals Quiz


_____ is a group of organs working together with a common function.

A. Tissue

B. Cell

C. Organ System

D. Organism

The Heart and its associated blood vessels form which organ system?

A. Digestive

B. Circulatory

C. Excretory

D. Nervous

A simple tissue is composed of…..

A. 3 or more cell types

B. 2 cell types

C. Many cell Types

D. 1 Cell type.

Plants appear green in colour due to the presence of what pigment in their cells?

A. Iodine

B. Chlorophyll

C. Mitochondria

D. Melanin

What is the sole function of Phloem (Vascular tissue) in plants

A. Transports water around the plant.

B. Transports dissolved minerals.

C. Transports food from the leaves to other parts of the plant.

D. Transports water with dissolved minerals.

In plants, Vascular tissue has the main function of transporting materials. What are the two types of vascular tissue involve in this role.

A. Xylem & Dermal

B. Dermal & Connective

C. Ground and Phloem

D. Xylem and Phloem

In plants, the dermal tissue has the role of?

A. Transporting materials

B. Protection

C. Sending Signals

D. Making the plant look green.

Cell Diversity mainly covers which of these characteristics of life?

A. Nutrition

B. Reproduction

C. Excretion

D. Organization

The role of connective tissue is

A. to protect the organism.

B. to join and support other body structures.

C. to transmit electrical signals.

D. to allow movement.

Which of these is not an example of an animal tissue?

A. Muscular

B. Vascular

C. Connective

D. Nervous

A tissue is…

A. A group of organs working together with a common function.

B. A group of cells working together with a common function.

C. A group of tissues working together with a common function.

D. any living thing.

__________ is the way in which life is found in individual cells which are capable of working together in larger groups to eventually form an individual of a population.

A. Nutrition

B. Organization

C. Reproduction

D. Excretion

The mouth, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and anus form what organ system?

A. Digestive

B. Circulatory

C. Respiratory

D. Execratory

The ______ is the sub-unit of life.

A. Nucleus

B. Organism

C. Tissue

D. Cell

The following definition describes which term: “All the members of the same species living in an area”

A. Community

B. Team

C. Race

D. Population


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