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Warm up Quiz


A warm up should be completed ….

A. At the beginning of the session

B. In the middle of the session

C. Never in a session

D. At the end of the session

Making muscles, tendons and ligaments more elastic can help to..?

A. Increase heart rate

B. Prepare the mind for exercise

C. Increase breathing rate

D. Reduce chance of injury

What is a Warm Up

A. Allows the body a chance to transition from rest to activity

B. Designed to improve performance and build focus

C. Important for preventing injury

D. All of the above

How long should you hold a stretch for in a warm up?

A. 1- 5 seconds

B. 8 – 10 seconds

C. 25 – 30 seconds

D. 11 – 20 seconds

A cool down should be complete

A. Never in a session

B. At the end of session

C. In the middle of the session

D. At the beginning of the session

A cool down allows what..?

A. Body to recover from exercise

B. Mind to recover from exercise

C. Muscles to cool down reducing the chance of muscle ache

D. All of the answers

An increase of blood flow to the working muscles results in an increase in what else being supplied?

A. Carbon Dioxide

B. Lactic Acid

C. Nitrogen

D. Oxygen

Increased blood flow throughout the body leads to ______________ body temperature and ________________ muscles.

A. cooler; tighter

B. cooler; looser

C. warmer; looser

D. warmer; tighter

Holding a stretch without movement, usually at the end-range of a muscle.’ This is the definition for which type of stretch?

A. static

B. dynamic

Reducing body temperature and reducing heart rate are two key principles of what?

A. A cool down

B. A skill based activity

C. Games and matches

D. A warm up

What is the reason for jogging in a cool down?

A. Increase heart rate slowly

B. Slow heart rate down

C. Return heart rate gradually to its resting level

D. To burn more calories

What is the first stage of a warm up?

A. Mental preparation

B. Pulse raiser

C. Sport specific skills

D. Dynamic Stretching

How long should a general warm up last for?

A. 1 hour

B. 20 – 30 minutes

C. 5 – 10 minutes

D. 3 minutes

Which is NOT a principle of performing a warm up?

A. Prepares the body

B. Increases blood flow

C. Reduces heart rate

D. Increases body temperature

Static stretching involves no movement in order to ?

A. Save energy

B. Save time

C. Avoid heavy stretching

D. Focus on a specific muscle group

Stretching is important to?

A. Body to recover from exercise

B. Take some time to rest instead of exercise

C. Reduce chance of injury

D. None of the answers


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