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Major Internal Organs of the Body Quiz

Major organs for breathing and respiration.

A. stomach

B. lungs

C. intestines

D. liver

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An example of a clinical task is:

A. answering a patient’s request on the intercom.

B. filing reports in patients’ charts.

C. Starting an intravenous line

D. Answering the unit telephone

Macromolecules & Enzymes › View

Hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells that transports oxygen. If it is mutated then it is not as efficient in carrying oxygen. Why?

A. Mutated hemoglobin can still oxygen

B. Hemoglobin is a simple molecule

C. Structural changes of hemoglobin affects its ability to carry oxygen because the shape of protein impact its function

D. Normal hemoglobin must be larger than mutated hemoglobin