Skin Quiz


The root word “therm” means…

A. skin

B. heat

Touch receptors are in what layer of skin?

A. epidermis

B. dermis

C. hypodermis

When we exercise, our bodies get hot. To cool us down, our skin produces…

A. a fan

B. sweat

Where are the temperature receptors found?

A. epidermis

B. dermis

C. hypodermis

Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least…

A. 0

B. 10

C. 20

D. 30

SPF stands for:

A. Satellite Priority Function

B. Sunflower Power Flower

C. Sun Protection Factor

The skin is largest organ in our body?



What is the top layer of the skin called?

A. epidermis

B. dermis

C. hypodermis


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