Endocrinology Quiz


A protein hormone acts inside the cell:



What is the stimulus for the release of prolactin?
A. baby’s head pushing on cervix
B. baby breastfeeding
C. low calcium in blood
D. Both A and B

The pituitary is mostly controlled by:
A. the pineal gland
B. the thalamus
C. the thyroid
D. the hypothalamus

The pancreas produces _____ when your blood sugar level is low.



C. Glucagon

D. Insulin

What hormone is secreted from the ovaries ?
A. oestrogen 
B. testosterone 
C. eggstrone

Endocrine glands

A. hormones secreted into blood

B. glands secretes into blood

C. blood secretes into glands.

D. secretes into the glands.

E. crying inside glands

Hormone that stimulates the bones to release calcium into blood.

A. Calcitonin

B. Parathyroid Hormone

C. Insulin

D. Glucagon

What are the target organs of glucagon?

A. Liver and pancreas

B. Liver and muscles

C. Liver and brain

D. muscle and kidney

Which of the following produces Calcitonin?

A. Parafollicular cells

B. Colloid

C. Parathyroid gland

D. Pendrin

Where are the adrenal glands located ?
A. on top of the kidney
B. in the throat
C. everywhere in the stomach
D. in the arms and legs

The picture below best describes the activity of what type of hormone…
A. Lipid-Soluable Hormones
B. Water-Soluable Hormones

The production of luteinising hormone stimulates the production of which hormone?
A. progestrone
B. gonadotrophin releasing hormone
C. oestrogen
D. follicle stimulating hormone

Which gland produces these hormones: Growth Hormone, Prolactin, ACTH, TSH, FSH, LH?
A. Anterior pituitary
B. Posterior pituitary
C. Thyroid
D. Parathyroid

What is insulin’s major role in the body?

A. to raise blood sugar

B. to lower blood sugar

C. to receive signals from the pituitary

D. to raise and lower blood sugar

Which hormones is secreted from the Testis?

A. testosterone, progesterone

B. progesterone

C. oestrogen

D. testosterone,

Which pituitary hormone is stimulated by the dehydration that occurs during and after exercise?
A. follicle stimulating hormone
B. thyroid stimulating hormone
C. antidiuretic hormone
D. growth hormone

Which of the following is not a hormone?

A. Insulin


C. Estrogen

D. Pancreatic amylase

Which best describes the characteristics of a TARGET CELL?
A. Cell that contains receptors for a specific hormone
B. Cell that sends chemical messengers to other cells 
C. Cells that are targetted by hormones 

Secreted in endocrine cells and remains in relation to plasma membrane; acts on immediately adjacent cell by direct cell-to-cell contact

A. Juxtacrine

B. Endocrine

C. Paracrine

D. Exocrine

The picture below best describes the activity of what type of hormone…
A. Lipid-Soluble Hormones
B. Water-Soluble Hormones

What hormone is responsible for the production of milk in the breast?
A. prolactin
B. oxytocin
C. estrogen
D. follicle stimulating hormone

Lack of thyroid hormone during development results in short stature and mental deficits

A. Cretinism

B. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

C. Thyroid Storm

D. Acromegaly

What is another term for steroid hormones?
A. Lipid Soluble
B. Water Soluble
C. Androgens
D. Cholesterol

Where are hormones produced (made)
A. Glands
B. Bloodstream
C. Target organs

_________________ are the chemical messengers that are secreted directly into the bloodstream.
A. Amino Acids
B. Hormones
C. Lipids
D. Neurotransmitters


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