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Endocrinology Quiz


Too much release of thyroid hormone in the body causes:

A. Hypothyroidism

B. Hyperthyroidism

C. Goitre

D. None of the above

What effect does adrenaline have on the body?
A. Causes heart and breathing rate to increase.
B. Causes heart and breathing rate to decrease.
C. Has no effect on heart and breathing rate.

The production of luteinising hormone stimulates the production of which hormone?
A. progestrone
B. gonadotrophin releasing hormone
C. oestrogen
D. follicle stimulating hormone

Which cells produce calcitonin?

A. C cells

B. B cells

C. A cells

D. T cells

Secreted in endocrine cells and remains in relation to plasma membrane; acts on immediately adjacent cell by direct cell-to-cell contact

A. Juxtacrine

B. Endocrine

C. Paracrine

D. Exocrine

The picture below best describes the activity of what type of hormone…
A. Lipid-Soluable Hormones
B. Water-Soluable Hormones

Where are hormones produced (made)
A. Glands
B. Bloodstream
C. Target organs

What hormone is responsible for the production of milk in the breast?
A. prolactin
B. oxytocin
C. estrogen
D. follicle stimulating hormone

The thyroid gland is said to be

A. Pear shaped

B. Butterfly shaped

C. Bean shaped

D. Crescent shaped

what are the cells in the thyroid which produce the calcitonin ?

A. Follicular cells

B. T cells

C. C cells

D. None of these

What is it

A. Goiter

B. Thyroid nodule

C. Thyroid cancer

D. None of these

How is hypothyroidism treated?

A. With radiation

B. With surgery

C. With a synthetic hormone

D. The condition can’t be treated

The picture below best describes the activity of what type of hormone…
A. Lipid-Soluble Hormones
B. Water-Soluble Hormones

What hormone is secreted from the ovaries ?
A. oestrogen 
B. testosterone 
C. eggstrone

Which hormones is secreted from the Testis?

A. testosterone, progesterone

B. progesterone

C. oestrogen

D. testosterone,

How many lobes are present in the thyroid?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Endocrine glands

A. hormones secreted into blood

B. glands secretes into blood

C. blood secretes into glands.

D. secretes into the glands.

E. crying inside glands

Which of the following is not a hormone?

A. Insulin


C. Estrogen

D. Pancreatic amylase

The pituitary is mostly controlled by:
A. the pineal gland
B. the thalamus
C. the thyroid
D. the hypothalamus

Iodine deficiency can cause

A. Goitre

B. Thyroid cancer

C. Solitary thyroid nodules

D. Thyroiditis

The left and right lobes are joined by _________

A. Levator

B. Isthmus

C. Pyramidal lobe

D. Valve

Which gland produces these hormones: Growth Hormone, Prolactin, ACTH, TSH, FSH, LH?
A. Anterior pituitary
B. Posterior pituitary
C. Thyroid
D. Parathyroid

Where is the thyroid gland located?

A. At the base of the spine

B. In the abdomen

C. In the neck

D. In the brain

The pancreas produces _____ when your blood sugar level is low.



C. Glucagon

D. Insulin

The main hormone secreted by the Thyroid gland

A. T4

B. T3

C. Both T4 & T3

D. Calcitonin


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