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Blood Formation and Clotting Quiz


Which white blood cells are formed by the lymphoid stem cells?

A. neutrophils

B. lymphocytes

C. basophils

D. ensinophils

E. monocytes

What is the name of the common stem cell from which all blood cells are derived?

A. megakaryocytes

B. hempocytoblast

C. lymphoid cells

D. myeloid cells

What is a clot that breaks away and floats freely in the blood stream?

A. thrombus

B. fibrinogen

C. endothelium

D. embolus

What hormone controls the rate at which new red blood cells are produced?

A. erythropoietin

B. interleukin


What is the process of blood cells being produced called?

A. homeostasis

B. hematopoiesis

C. hemostasis

D. homogeneous

What organ produces erythropoietin?

A. liver

B. kidney

C. spleen

D. lungs

What is a clot called in an unbroken blood vessel?

A. thrombus

B. fibrinogen

C. endothelium

D. embolus

Which of the following is the correct order for the steps in hemostasis?

A. 1. coagulation (blood clotting)
2. platelet plug formation
3. vascular spasms

B. 1. vascular spasms
2. coagulation (blood clotting)
3. platelet plug formation

C. 1. vascular spasms
2. platelet plug formation
3. coagulation (blood clotting)

D. 1. platelet plug formation
2. coagulation (Blood clotting)
3. vascular spasms

What is the life span of a red blood cell?

A. 90-100 days

B. 2-3 years

C. 100-120 days

D. 4-6 months

What hormones prompt bone marrow to make platelets?

A. erythropoietin

B. interleukins

C. thrombopoietin

D. colony-stimulating factors

Where does hematopoiesis occur?

A. in the bone marrow

B. in the blood vessels

C. in the heart

D. in the stomach


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