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Muscle Tissues Quiz


—————– muscle is multinucleated whereas—————- muscle is branched.

A. Striated, Cardiac

B. Cardiac, Striated

C. Unstriated, Striated

D. Cardiac, Unstriated

Myofibrils are made up of

A. neurolemmocytes

B. osteocytes

C. chondrocytes

D. sarcomeres

Muscles that produce connective tissue proteins are

A. striated muscles

B. unstriated muscles

C. cardiac muscles

Who is the father of histology?

A. Marie François Xavier Bichat

B. Theodor Schwann

C. Paul Langerhans

D. Matthias Schleden

The total types of striated muscles is

A. 2

B. 3

C. 1

D. 5

————- are formed when sarcolemma of two adjacent muscle fibres fuse. It helps to bond the cells and transmit signals.​

A. Sarcoplasm

B. Striations

C. Oblique Connection

D. Intercalated discs

The cytoplasm in muscle cells is called

A. hyaloplasm

B. nucleoplasm

C. sarcoplasm

D. cytoplasm

Muscles which constitute 50% of body weight is

A. Unstriated muscles

B. Striated muscles

C. Cardiac muscles


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