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Nervous System Quiz

Actions which are NOT under your control

A. voluntary

B. involuntary

C. vertebrae

D. brain

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Which of the following statements about coronary blood flow is the most accurate?

A. Coronary blood flow can increase 2-5 times more when compared to its resting flow

B. the heart, under resting conditions, removes up tp 25%-45% of the O2 available in the coronary

C. the myocardium receives most of its blood supply during systole, especially in the left ventricle

D. the intramyocardial pressure is the lowest in the inner layers of the ventricular wall and incresed

Fitness › View

The ability to move your joints through a full range of motion.
A. Reaction Time
B. Flexibility
C. Muscular Endurance
D. Agility