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Pathophysiology Quiz

Children compensate for shock differently than adults. Which one of the following is the most considered indicator of shock in a pediatric patient?

A. vomitting

B. tachycardia

C. warm skin

D. poor capillary refill

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Genetics › View

A breed of cow has one allele (B) that codes for brown hair and another allele (W) that codes for white hair. A heterozygous (BW) cow is a spotted brown and white pattern. What type of dominance is this?

A. Codominanace

B. Complete Dominance

C. Incomplete dominance

D. Coreccessive

Pathogens › View

A class of organisms that harm their host by producing toxins that interfere with normal body function.

A. liverwarts

B. Slime molds

C. Bacteria

D. Amoebas