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What statement is true about lung cancer?

A. The prognosis is good.

B. Treatment includes hormone therapy and blood transfusions.

C. It is the leading cause of cancer death in men and women.

D. Second hand smoke rarely contributes to the development of lung cancer.

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GS is a newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient being treated with androgen deprivation. Which of the following are appropriate counseling points for a new patient starting on an LH-RH agonist?

A. Patient may experience side effects such as a loss in libido, hot flashes, and impotence

B. Patient may experience changes in blood pressure

C. Patient may experience side effects such as nausea/vomiting, alopecia, and weight loss

D. Patient may experience arthralgias, peripheral edema, and seizures

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A. thin film coating of salivary materials deposited on tooth surfaces

B. reduction of saliva