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Bacterial Resistance and Biotechnology Quiz

Scientists have changed the DNA of a type of cabbage so that it contains a tiny amount of poison from a scorpion’s tail. The poison in the cabbage kills caterpillars that try to eat it. This is an example of ____.

A. gene therapy

B. selective breeding

C. genetic engineering

D. artificial selection

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Body Systems › View

Which of the following statements describes the function of the heart?

A. The heart produces white and red blood cells.

B. The heart controls the nervous system.

C. The heart makes oxygen and carbon dioxide.

D. The heart pumps blood throughout the body.

Immune system › View

Which statement about antibodies is correct?

A. antibodies are polypeptides

B. antibodies are produced by bone marrow

C. antibodies are pathogenic foreign substances

D. antibodies kill bacteria but not virus