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Bacterial Resistance and Biotechnology Quiz

Scientists have changed the DNA of a type of cabbage so that it contains a tiny amount of poison from a scorpion’s tail. The poison in the cabbage kills caterpillars that try to eat it. This is an example of ____.

A. gene therapy

B. selective breeding

C. genetic engineering

D. artificial selection

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Human Anatomy › View

If you smoothed out all of the wrinkles in your brain, it would lay flat the size of a ___________

A. dinner plate

B. pillow case

C. human palm

D. blanket

Microbio (Viruses) › View

Phage replication is indicated by…

A. Turbidity (opaqueness) on a bacterial lawn

B. Clearings (plaques) on a bacterial lawn

C. Inability to pass through a membrane filter

D. Growth on mammalian cells