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Lymphatic System Quiz


What is NOT a symptom of an inflamed appendix?

A. Change in appendix color

B. Swelling

C. Sharp pain

D. Temporary blindness

The structure of a lymphatic vessel is most similar to that of a(n)

A. Artery

B. arteriole

C. vein

D. capillary

What part of the lymphatic system filters foreign material from blood and destroys old red blood cells?

A. Spleen

B. Thymus

C. Lymph nodes

D. Lymphatic vessels

The fluid, originating from the blood capillary, that is formed in the spaces between the cells is known as:

A. interstitial fluid

B. blood

C. lymph

D. plasma

The main collecting duct of the lymphatic system is the left lymphatic duct, also known as the ____.

A. jugular trunk

B. thoracic duct

C. subclavian artery

D. trabeculae

What do Lymph Nodes contain?

A. Blood

B. Lymphocytes

C. Lymph

Which structure is NOT a MALT?

A. spleen

B. tonsils

C. Peyer’s patches

D. appendix

If the valves in the lymphatic vessels stopped working, how would this disrupt homeostasis in the body?

A. Tissue fluid would flow backwards, potentially causing edema, or tissue fluid build-up

B. It would have no effect, because muscle action would still keep fluid flowing

C. There are no valves in the lymphatic vessels

D. Tissue fluid would flow too quickly, causing a heart attack due to the increased fluid flow to the heart

What does the Spleen look like?

A. A cube

B. A cone

C. A capsule

The structural difference between lymphatic capillary and blood capillary:

A. Lymph capillary is blind-ended

B. Lymph capillary is continous

C. Lymph capillary is thicker

D. Lymph capillary is green in color

How is lymph moved through lymphatic vessels?

A. Contraction of the small intestine

B. Contraction of the heart

C. Blood cells carry lymph through the vessels

D. Contraction of the skeletal muscle around the vessels

The tiny oval shaped lymph structure located throughout the body are known as?

A. Lymph nodes

B. Spleen

C. Lymph fluid

A. I and III only

B. I, II and III only

C. I, II and IV only

D. I, II, III and IV only

Primary lymphoid organs are made up of _____ & _____ cells

A. A and C

B. B and T

C. D and T

D. B and A

Where can you find the ileum?

A. the mouth

B. the small intestine

C. the large intestine

D. the spleen

Lymph enters the bloodstream from the collecting ducts at the:

A. Aorta

B. Hepatic Veins

C. Pulmonary Veins

D. Subclavian Veins

Which choice is NOT a lymphoid organ?

A. Spleen

B. Thymus

C. Appendix

D. Small intestine

B cells are made in

A. yellow bone marrow

B. lymph nodes

C. red bone marrow

D. the spleen

E. Bob Ross

The thymus plays a key role in _______ life

A. early

B. late

The lymphatic system return the leaked plasma into the blood.



Lymph gets filtered in the

A. lymphatic vessels

B. lymph nodes

C. lymphatic ducts

D. lymphatic trunks

The ________ duct takes lymph from everywhere (other than the right arm, right side of the head, and right side of the torso) to the heart

A. thoracic

B. abdominal

C. femoral

D. brachial

What do Lymph Nodes do?

A. Filter blood

B. Filter substances that travel through the lymphatic fluid

C. Filter lymph

What “happens” in the lymph nodes?

A. Excess glucose in the lymph is stored in the liver

B. Carbon dioxide is removed from the lymph and passed to the lungs for exhalation

C. Lymph is oxgenated and pumped through the body

D. Lymph is cleaned of foreign antigens and debris

What is the medical term for watery fluid inside the lympathic vessels?

A. Plasma

B. Tissue fluid

C. Lymph

D. Blood


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