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Diagnostics and Pathology Reports Quiz


If patient’s HER2/neu test results are 3+, then…

A. They will probably respond well to hormone treatments

B. They will probably respond well to biological therapy using antibodies

Which tumor grade indicates that cells are the most aggressive, and appear very different compared to healthy cells?

A. Grade 1

B. Grade 2

C. Grade 3

D. Grade 4

What is the removal of a breast tumor and surrounding tissue to help treat breast cancer?

A. mastectomy

B. chemotherapy

C. radiation therapy

D. lumpectomy

What can tumor grade (histological grade) tell you about a patient’s cancer?

A. How widespread cancer is in the body

B. The size of the tumor

C. How different tumors cells are compared to healthy cells

D. The medical history of the patient

As this number increases, the cancer appears more serious to a pathologist

A. Number of nodes examined

B. Number of positive nodes

The goal of a pathologist is to (pick the BEST answer)

A. diagnose diseases

B. recommend the best treatment

C. determine cancer stage

D. interact with patients

A patient’s tumor is between 2-5 cm and has spread to underarm lymph nodes. Which stage is the patient in?

A. Stage 0

B. Stage I

C. Stage IIB

D. Stage IIIA

What is true about stage I breast cancers?

A. There is a single tumor that is less than 2 cm

B. There is a single tumor that is between 2-5 cm

C. Cancer has spread to at least 3 underarm lymph nodes

D. Cancer has spread to distant organs like the lungs

Which of these patients is probably in stage IIIC?

A. A tumor of any size that has spread to lymph nodes behind the breastbone and under the arm.

B. A tumor that has grown into the skin of the breast, which might cause swelling and lumps in the skin

C. A tumor 5 cm or less that has spread to 3 lymph nodes

D. A tumor 2 cm or less that has spread to underarm lymph nodes

Which is NOT an early sign of breast cancer?

A. Lumps in the breast

B. Change of shape or size of the breast

C. Feelings of repeated nausea

D. Skin changes on or around the breast

Which cancer would probably respond best to hormone therapies that block interactions between hormones and receptors?

A. ER 1+

B. PR 3+

C. ER 0

D. HER2/neu 3+

If a cell undergoes mitosis repeatedly, but does not undergo cytokinesis, predict what the cells would look like:

A. Many individual cells each with their own nucleus.

B. One large cell with many nuclei.

C. Two large cells with many nuclei in each cell.

D. Many individual cells, each lacking a nucleus.

Taking samples from the body for clues that might indicate certain diseases.

A. pathology

B. oncoloy

C. radiology

D. genealogy

Using sound waves to create images of areas within the body.

A. ultrasound


C. CAT scan


Which of these would you NOT find in the description part of a pathology report?

A. tumor (histological) grade

B. stage of cancer

C. number of positive lymph nodes

D. past procedures


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