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muscle stiffness after death due to the lack of calcium

A. rigor mortis

B. peripheral nervous system

C. Neurons

D. organs

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Movement and Locomotion Body Structures and Organ Systems Biodiversity Monoclonal Antibodies Muscles and Healthy Body Intravenous Fluid Therapy A&P Musculoskeletal Regulating the Cell Cycle EMS Systems Muscle Anatomy DNA Pathogens Limitation of Senses Lipid Metabolism Immunology IBD

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The clear, transparent layer just under the stratum corneum that consists of small cells through which light can pass is the:

A. stratum spinosum

B. stratum granulosum

C. stratum lucidium

D. stratum corneum

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Who are two important people who influence how we should help students with dyslexia?

A. Wilbur and Orville Wright

B. Patrick and Becca Muller

C. Jon Snow and Tully

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