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Limitation of Senses Quiz


What is an optical illusion?

A. A really cool drawing.

B. A picture of something you can’t explain.

C. Something that tricks your mind and your eyes into believing something is happening when it really is not.

D. It is something similar to a landscape.

Name the optical device

A. telescope

B. microscope

C. binocular

This is the view of a person with

A. Short-sightedness

B. Long-sightedness

C. Astigmatism

D. Normal vision

E. Blind vision

A person has vision defect and corrected by cylindrical lens. Which of the following causes him to have such vision defect?

A. Eyeball is too long

B. Eye lens is too thin

C. Cornea is not spherical

D. All of the above

A man can see the near objects clearly but cannot see distant objects clearly. Which type of lens should be used to correct his vision?

A. Concave lens

B. Convex lens

C. Cylindrical lens

D. No need any lens

People who cannot hear watch our lip movements to understand what we say. this is called ____________

A. mouth reading

B. lip reading

C. brain reading

Which type of lens is used for the spectacles shown?

A. Concave lens

B. Convex lens

C. Cylindrical lens

D. None of the above

The _______________ gives us spectacles.

A. opthalmologist

B. optician

C. doctor

People who are visually challenged use the __________ script for reading

A. Lewis

B. Braille

C. Marcus

When you have a cold, the food you taste will still be very good.



Why blind people can read Braille easily using fingertips?

A. Fingertip has thin epidermis

B. Fingertip has no epidermis

C. Fingertip has thick epidermis

D. Fingertip has very few touch receptors

We should read in dim lights



The phenomenon happens is

A. Optical illusion

B. Blind spot

C. Astigmatism

D. Long-sightedness

E. Short-sightedness

Which vision defect is related to the diagram?

A. Short-sightedness

B. Long-sightnedness

C. Astigmatism

D. Normal vision

E. Blind vision

Deafness is one of the limitation of hearing. Which of the following tool is suitable to solve the problem?

A. Spectacles

B. Magnifying glass

C. Hearing aid

D. Braille

Near objects appear blurry for a person who suffers long-sightedness because the image is focused ________ the retina.

A. at the side

B. away from

C. in front of

D. behind

Choose the correct statement about astigmatism.

A. Astigmatism can be corrected using bifocal lense.

B. Seeing part of an object clearer than the rest of the object

C. This defect is caused by the uneven curvature of the retina or eye lens.

D. Objects appear blurry because the image is focused in front of the retina.

What type of lens is used in magnifying glass?

A. Concave lens

B. Convex lens

C. Cylindrical lens

D. None of the above


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