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Muscle Anatomy Quiz


Which of the following refers to the muscle cell?

A. Myofibril

B. Myofilament

C. Fascicle

D. Muscle fiber

The muscle fiber (cell) is indicated by ________.

A. Label C

B. Label B

C. Label A

D. Label D

Which is more true to cause muscle contraction?

A. Actin Pulls on the myosin

B. Myosin Pulls on the Titin

C. Myosin Pulls on Actin

D. Actin Pulls on Titin

The plasma membrane of a skeletal muscle cell is called the ________.

A. myofilament

B. sarcoplasmic reticulum

C. sarcoplasm

D. sarcolemma

What is necessary for the myosin to release the actin?


B. Calcium


D. Sodium

he A band within a myofibril is indicated by ________.

A. Label A

B. Label B

C. Label C

D. Label D

What organelle wraps and surrounds the myofibril and stores calcium?

A. sarcoplasmic reticulum

B. cross bridge

C. sarcomere

D. sarcolemma

____________ attaches to actin to form the cross bridge.

A. Troponin

B. Tropomyosin

C. Myosin

D. Calcium

What causes the muscle to stop contracting?

A. Lack of effort

B. Myosin-Heads fail to attach

C. Calcium Ions are pumped away

D. Muscle fibre tears

During skeletal muscle contraction, to what do myosin heads bind?

A. the H zone

B. Z discs

C. actin filaments

D. myosin filaments

What is released from the sarcoplasmic reticulum?

A. Inorganic phosphate


C. Calcium


What two chemicals are necessary for muscle contraction to occur?

A. Niacin and Potassium

B. Calcium and ATP

C. Sodium and Potassium

D. Acetylcholine and Potassium

___ and ___ are regulatory proteins bound to actin.

A. Myosin and actin

B. Glycogen and hemoglobin

C. Calcium and oxygen

D. Troponin and tropomyosin

How does the sarcomere shorten (contract) ?

A. The myosin filaments contract

B. The actin filaments contract

C. The myosin is pulled by the actin

D. The actin is pulled by the myosin

According to the sliding filament theory, how does muscle contraction occur?

A. Both thick and thin filaments shorten as the muscle contracts.

B. Myosin heads attach and detach from thin filaments, causing thin filaments to shorten.

C. A bands bunch up and shorten as myosin heads attach to thin filaments.

D. Myosin cross bridges pull thin filaments, causing them to slide.

The gap between the axon terminal of a motor neuron and the sarcolemma of a skeletal muscle cell is called the ________.

A. synapse

B. sarcomere

C. cross bridge

D. motor unit

A mitochondria’s role in muscle contraction is the production of…

A. Synthesis of ATP

B. Metabolism of ATP

C. Synthesis of Proteins

D. Metabolism of Worn out Proteins

Why are calcium ions necessary for skeletal muscle contraction?

A. Calcium ions cause ATP binding to actin.

B. Calcium ions release the inhibition on Z discs.

C. Calcium ions trigger the binding of myosin heads to actin filaments.

D. Calcium ions increase the speed of the action potential transmitted along the sarcolemma.

The epimysium is represented by ________.

A. Label B

B. Label D

C. Label A

D. Label C

__________ is attached to the Z line?

A. myosin

B. actin

C. thick filament

D. troponin

What is the name of the place where a nerve meets a muscle fiber

A. Nerve junction

B. Neuromuscular junction

C. Muscle junction

D. Crossbridge

When a muscle contracts, it _______

A. gets longer

B. gets shorter

C. gets thinner

D. grows hair

The H zone is represented by ________.

A. Label A

B. Label B

C. Label C

D. Label D

The segment of a myofibril that is called a sarcomere runs _________________________.

A. one A band to the next A band

B. between Actin and Myosin

C. from Z line to Z line

D. Between Actin filaments

The mechanical force of contraction is generated by ________.

A. shortening of the thin filaments

B. the temporary disappearance of thin filaments

C. shortening of the thick filaments

D. a sliding of thin filaments past thick filaments


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