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Live bacteria are found in milk, cheese and yogurt



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EMR - Trauma › View

If a patient’s injured leg appears shorter than the other, an EMR should suspect:

A. patella injury

B. ankle dislocation

C. fibula injury

D. hip fracture

Musculoskeletal Injuries › View

Why is dynamic stretching thought to be better in terms of activity preparation and injury risk reduction when contrasted to static stretching?

A. Activates both the neuromuscular systems and improves their co-ordination resulting in more fluent/biomechanically efficient movements

B. Best replicates the actions likely to be performed shortly there after (more specific) to reduces likelihood of unexpected movements and joint pressures

C. Has an associated increase in resp. & heart rates, blood flow, oxygen uptake, etc. thus better preparing the whole body and not just the joint for performance

D. All of the above