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Reproduction Quiz

Name the structure that allows production of pollen grain of a flower.

A. Filament

B. Style

C. Anther

D. Stamen

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In Pulmonary Edema fluid that accumulates in the tracheobronchial tree is turned into a frothy white(sometimes blood tinged, pink) sputum as a result of air moving in and out of the lungs.



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Doctor’s order says: “500 mL of 1/2 Normal Saline Dextrose 5% with 10 meq of KCL to infuse over 5 hours ” Drip factor: 10 drops/mL. Find how many drops/min. 10meq of KCL is equal to 10ml.

A. 71 drops/min

B. 17 drops/min

C. 19 drops/min

D. 56 drops/min