Medical Quiz

Histology Quiz


Epithelial tissue:
A. conducts nerve impulses
B. stores fat
C. covers and lines body parts
D. moves the body

What type of muscle is this?
A. skeletal
B. cardiac
C. bone
D. smooth

What is histology?

A. Study of organs

B. Study of different types of tissue

C. Study of histamines

D. Study of skin

Nerve impulse enables animals to move rapidly in response to ____.

A. Body parts

B. Myelin Sheath

C. Stimuli

D. Cytoplasm

A neuron consists of a ______ which comprises of Nucleus and Cytoplasm.

A. Nerve

B. Cell body

C. Nucleus

D. Spinal Cord

This Connective Tissue provides strength in all directions

A. Regular

B. Elastic

C. Adipose

D. Irregular

This Epithelial Tissue shape is flat, wide and irregular

A. Cuboidal

B. Transitional

C. Squamous

D. Columnar

This specialized cell provides oxygen to cells


B. Mast Cells


D. Macrophages

What type of tissue is this?

A. Simple cuboidal

B. Simple columnar

C. Simple squamous

D. Transitional

What does pseudostratified mean?

A. Many layers of cells

B. Single layer that looks like many layers of cells

C. Single layer of cells

D. No layer of cells

The muscle tissue shown is called ______.
A. Skeletal
B. Cardiac
C. Smooth

This Connective Tissue binds and packs around organs

A. Areolar

B. Elastic

C. Adipose

D. Irregular

Epithelial tissue is classified according to its:
A. shape and size
B. size and color
C. depth and color
D. shape and number of layers

This type of tissue transmits impulses throughout the body:
A. cardiac muscle
B. skeletal tissue
C. nervous tissue
D. smooth muscle

Cartilage heals slowly because

A. tissues are so hard

B. tissues are so fibrous

C. cells are so far apart

D. blood supply is poor

Name the Tissue Type:
A. Nervous
B. Simple cuboidal
C. Reticular
D. Bone

In which body structure would we find smooth muscle?

A. Heart

B. hamstring muscles

C. bladder

D. skin

This junction occurs when microfilaments extend from the cytoplasm to the plasma membrane

A. Tight

B. Adhering

C. Desmosomes

D. Gap

Which type of tissue is this?
A. Nervous
B. Epithelial
C. Connective
D. Muscle

Name the Tissue Type:
A. Simple Columnar
B. Simple Cuboidal
C. Pseuodstratified columnar
D. Keratinized stratified sq.

Lack of blood cells

A. Tissue

B. Avascularity

C. Histology

D. Innervation

What type of connective tissue is found at the ends of bones to reduce friction?

A. Cartilage

B. Dense Connective Tissue

C. Adipose Tissue

D. Loose Connective Tissue

This junction acts as a button or snap between adjacent cells.

A. Tight

B. Adhering

C. Desmosomes

D. Gap

Columnar cells can best be described as:
A. flat and thin
B. tall and wide
C. shaped like cubes
D. hexagonal

Name the Tissue Type:
A. Simple columnar
B. Simple cuboidal
C. Pseuodstratified columnar
D. Transitional


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