Medical Quiz

Histology Quiz


Name the Tissue Type:
A. Skeletal muscle
B. Smooth muscle
C. Cardiac muscle
D. Organ muscle

Identify the picture
A. Pseudostratified columnar
B. Simple squamous
C. Simple cuboidal
D. Simple columnar

How do we classify epithelial tissue?

A. Shape

B. Shape and number of layers

C. Counting the number of individual cells

D. Squamous

Name the Tissue Type:
A. Blood
B. Simple cuboidal
C. Reticular
D. Areolar

Identify the picture
A. Simple squamous
B. Simple cuboidal
C. Stratified squamous
D. Simple columnar

What are the types of muscle tissue? Except

A. cardiac

B. smooth

C. skeletal

D. biceps femoris

Striations can be seen in which type of muscle tissues?

A. Smooth and cardiac

B. smooth and skeletal

C. skeletal and cardiac

D. Cardiac only

Name the tissue type:
A. Reticular
B. Adipose
C. Areolar
D. Simple sqamous

What type of muscle is this?
A. skeletal
B. cardiac
C. bone
D. smooth

What type of connective tissue is found at the ends of bones to reduce friction?

A. Cartilage

B. Dense Connective Tissue

C. Adipose Tissue

D. Loose Connective Tissue

This junction occurs when microfilaments extend from the cytoplasm to the plasma membrane

A. Tight

B. Adhering

C. Desmosomes

D. Gap

What is the most abundant type of tissue in the human body?

A. Nervous

B. Muscle

C. Connective

D. Epithelial

What type of muscle tissues is “involuntary muscle?”

A. Cardiac

B. Skeletal

C. Smooth

D. None

E. A and B

Columnar cells can best be described as:
A. flat and thin
B. tall and wide
C. shaped like cubes
D. hexagonal

This is the study of tissue and its relationship between organs

A. Tissue

B. Avascularity

C. Histology

D. Anatomy

This Connective Tissue provides strength in all directions

A. Regular

B. Elastic

C. Adipose

D. Irregular

This Connective Tissue protects, insulates, and stores fat

A. Reticular

B. Elastic

C. Adipose

D. Irregular

What type of connective tissue has a fluid-like matrix?

A. bone

B. cartilage

C. blood

D. ligaments

This specialized cell fights off foreign invaders


B. Mast Cells


D. Macrophages

This specialized cell detects foreign invaders


B. Mast Cells


D. Macrophages

What are the types of tissues in the human body?

A. Epithelial

B. Connective

C. Muscle

D. Nervous

E. All Above

This specialized cell provides oxygen to cells


B. Mast Cells


D. Macrophages

Epithelial tissue is classified according to its:
A. shape and size
B. size and color
C. depth and color
D. shape and number of layers

A neuron consists of a ______ which comprises of Nucleus and Cytoplasm.

A. Nerve

B. Cell body

C. Nucleus

D. Spinal Cord

The neuron has a single long-part called the ___.

A. Dendrites

B. Nerve fibers

C. Axon

D. Nerve Endings


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