Medical Quiz

Illness and Symptoms Quiz


I feel like I can’t stand up, everything is spinning around me. I feel ____________.

A. flu

B. nauseous

C. dizzy

D. fever

When your head feels funny and you think you might fall down.

A. fine

B. sick

C. dizzy

D. merry go round

To become larger or rounder in size.

A. to faint

B. to swell

C. to prescribe

D. to big

I have a tickle in my throat. When I do this a lot, it hurts my chest.

A. Cough

B. Dizzy

C. Chicken pox

D. Fever

A lot of small red spots on the skin and it itches.

A. diarrhea

B. rash

C. disease

D. covid-19

When stuff is coming out of your nose and won’t stop.

A. bloody nose

B. runny nose

C. nose

D. diarrhea

I keep sneezing. My nose is runny and sometimes I get a cough. I think I have a ________.

A. cold

B. stomachache

C. diarrhea

D. nauseous

I get a sharp pain in my back when I bend or twist my body.

A. Cough

B. Sick

C. Backache

D. Stomachache

I have to keep running to the toilet. I feel pain in my tummy. I might have a __________.

A. Diarrhea

B. Chicken pox

C. Backache

D. Stuffy Nose

To lose consciousness for a short time.

A. to cough

B. to sprain

C. to faint

D. to dance

I can’t breathe easily through my nose. It feels blocked. What do you call this?

A. Stomachache

B. Dizzy

C. Chicken pox

D. Stuffy Nose

When you feel like you might throw up.

A. ill

B. nausea

C. a sore throat

D. backache

My body feels very hot, I need to have lots of water and take some medicine. I have a _________.

A. nauseous

B. fever

C. dizzy

D. backache

My body is covered in a red rash and my skin is quite itchy. I think I have a _______________.

A. Diarrhea

B. Chicken pox

C. Stuffy Nose

D. Backache


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