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Medical Terminology Gastroinestinal Gastroenterology Quiz


The medical term hepatoma means:

A. Pertaining to the liver

B. Inflammation of the liver

C. tumor of the liver

D. Disease of the liver

The medical term colostomy means

A. To cut into the small intestine

B. To create a new opening in the small intestine

C. To create a new opening in the stomach

D. To cut into the stomach

E. To create a new opening in the colon

The abbreviation GERD means:

A. Gastroenterologist

B. Gastroesophageal reflux disease

C. Gastroenteral reflux disease

D. Gastroenteral reflux disease

The medical term esophagoplasty means:

A. To cut into the esophagus

B. Surgical removal of the esophagus

C. Surgical repair of the esophagus

D. To create a new opening in the esophagus

E. To aspirate fluid from the esophagus

The medical term Hematemesis means

A. vomiting

B. blood

C. pertaining to blood

D. vomiting blood

The medical term colitis means:

A. Inflammation of the collon

B. Inflammation of small and large intestine

C. pain in colon

D. Inflammation of colon

The term Gastroenterology means:

A. Study of the stomach

B. the one who studies the stomach

C. Study of stomach and intestine

D. Study of the small intestine

The word root cholecyst means:

A. Bladder

B. gallblader

C. bile duct

D. gallbladder

Translate the root stomat/o.

A. tongue

B. mouth

C. stomach

D. bladder

The medical term hyperemesis means:

A. excessive vomiting

B. vomiting

C. above vomiting

D. vomiting blood

What is the correct meaning of the abbreviation N&V?

A. not vocal

B. nauseous and volatile

C. nasogastric tube and vomiting

D. nausea and vomiting

Translate the root enter/o.

A. mouth

B. colon

C. intestines

D. abdomen

E. small intestines


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