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What is the mode of nutrition in bacteria?

A. autotrophic

B. heterotrophic

C. autotrophic and heterotrophic

D. none of these

What does a bacteria lack?

a. endoplasmic reticulum

b. DNA.

c. cell wall

d. cytoplasm

Which sub group in plant kingdom produces flowers?

A. Angiosperms

B. fungi

C. mosses

D. ferns

Which phylum of animals is also called flatworms?

A. Porifera

B. Coelenterata

C. Platyhelminthes

D. Nematoda

Cartilage and bone are types of

(a) muscular tissue

(b) connective tissue

(c) meristematic tissue

(d) epithelial tissue

In desert plants, rate of water loss gets reduced due to the presence of

(a) cuticle

(b) stomata

(c) lignin

(d) suberin

Chlorophyll containing organelle of algae is:

A. Chromoplast

B. Chloroplast

C. Thalloid

D. None of these

In Thallophyta Thallo means plant body without ____.

A. chlorophyll

B. root,stem and leaves

C. true roots

D. leaves

Which of the following cells is found in the cartilaginous tissue of the body?

(a) Mast cells

(b) Basophils

(c) Osteocytes

(d) Chondrocytes

The connective tissue that connects muscle to bone is called

(a) ligament

(b) tendon

(c) nervous tissue

d) all of the above

The function of the phloem in ferns is ____.

A. photosynthesis

B. transport of food

C. transport of water

D. reproduction

Blue-green alga belongs to the group:

a. Plantae..

b. Animalia

c. Algae.

d. Cyanobacteria.

Which among the following produce seeds?

(a) Thallophyta

(b) Bryophyta

(c) Pteridophyta

(d) Gymnosperms

Parenchyma cells are

(a) relatively unspecified and thin-walled

(b) thick walled and specialised

c) lignified

(d) none of these

Fats are stored in human body as

(a) Cuboidal epithelium

(b) Adipose tissue

(c) Bones

(d) Cartilage

Gymnosperms do not produce ____.

A. naked seed

B. fruits

C. embryo

D. vascular system

In which the reproductive organs are hidden?

A. Cryptogamae

B. Phanerogamae

C. Gymnosperms

D. angiosperms

Voluntary muscles are found in

(a) alimentary canal

(b) limbs

(c) iris of the eye

(d) bronchi of lungs

What is the exclusive marine phylum?

A. Echinodermata

B. Porifera

C. Cnidarians

D. Protozoa

What is not possessed by bacteria?

A. membrane bound organelles

B. nucleus

C. nucleolus

D. all of these

A nail is inserted in the trunk of a tree at a height of 1 metre from the ground level. After 3 years the nail will

(a) move downwards

(b) move upwards

(c) remain at the same position

(d) move sideways

Survival of plants in terrestrial environment has been made possible by the presence of

(a) intercalary meristem

(b) conducting tissue

(c) apical meristem

(d) parenchymatous tissue

Which of the these are found filamentous ?

a. Spirogyra

b. euglena

c. chlamydomonas

d. amoeba


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