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Mr. Sharpee graduated from college with a degree that states he is an expert at analyzing a person’s writing. He now works for the FBI. What does he specialize in?

A. psychology

B. zoology

C. geology

D. graphology

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Human Muscle Entomology Dental Caries Carbohydrate Metabolism Regulation of Urine Formation Cell Theory and Cell Organelles Asexual Reproduction Components of Blood Surgical Nutrition Muscular System SSTI and Bone Infections Epithelial Tissue Tissues Hospital Wards and Departments Lipid Metabolism

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This is classified as liquid connective tissue:
A. saliva
B. blood
C. semen
D. sweat

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When you look in the mirror, what part of the eye can you NOT see?

A. Iris

B. Pupil

C. Sclera

D. Retina