Medical Quiz

Muscle System Quiz


Where is cardiac muscle located?

A. lungs

B. heart

C. liver

D. stomach

Skeletal muscles are voluntary.



How many types of muscles are there?

A. 1

B. 3

C. 5

D. 2

_______ system

A. Muscular

B. Skeletal

C. Bone

D. Circulatory

What are the two classifications of muscles in your body?

A. Voluntary and Controllable

B. Flabby and Strong

C. Involuntary and Voluntary

D. Hard and soft

The………….system allows for movement by contracting.

A. immune

B. lymphatic

C. muscular

D. reproductive

What does “contract” mean in reference to muscles?

A. to shorten

B. to lengthen

C. to break

D. to run

Tendons attach muscle to bone



Which two body systems work together to make movement possible?

A. skeletal and muscle systems

B. respiratory and digestive systems

C. circulatory and nervous systems

D. reproduction and nervous system

Smooth muscle is located where?

A. heart

B. bones

C. toes

D. internal organs


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