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Alyssa loves animals. What might she study in college?

A. zoology

B. cardiology

C. geology

D. graphology

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Factors Affecting Health Disability Etiquette & Physical Activities Soldiers of Defense Communicable Diseases and Immune Response (OCR) What is Psychology? Cell Reproduction Renal Pharmacology Neurology Biology Assessment Dimensions of Wellness IV Therapy and Blood Transfusion Prokaryotic Cells and Viruses Endocrinology Mouth - Stomach Blood Pathology

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X is an eye defect. X occurs due to too thick eye lens. What is X?

A. Glaucoma

B. astigmatism

C. long-sightedness

D. short-sightedness

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STRUCTURE: Nucleotides monomers are made up of a sugar, a phosphate, and a:

A. nitrogenous base

B. nucleic acid

C. cholesterol

D. fatty acid