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Balanced Diet Quiz

Your body needs ________ for growth and repair
A. carbohydrates
B. protein
C. calories
D. glucose

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Carbohydrates / Fat-soluble Vitamins Transport System Blood The Musculoskeletal System Types of Reproduction DNA and Genetic Manipulation Nutrients in Food Medical Terminology Mechanical Digestion Muscle Origin, Insertion, and Function Bacteriology Epidemiology The Respiratory System Life Processes Excretion Anatomy - Muscle Contraction and Growth

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Nutrition and Human Digestive System › View

Which of the following explains digestion?

A. It is the process of breaking down food into simple substance our body can absorb.

B. It is the elimination of undigested food that were not absorb by the body.

C. It is the absorption and circulation of nutrients in the body.

D. It the process of supplying the cell with nutrients

Muscular System Movements › View

Which muscle forms the curved calf of the posterior leg?

A. fibularis longus

B. gastrocnemius

C. rectus femoris

D. tibialis anterior

E. soleus