Medical Quiz

Medicinal use of Microorganisims Quiz


who discoveed Penicillin?

A. Louis Pasteur

B. Alexander Fleming

C. Edward Jenner

which of them are Antibiotics ?

A. Streptomycin

B. Tetracycline

C. Erythromycin

D. Penicillin

E. All above

Antibiotic resistance is a huge problem because the antibiotics we have now to fight bacteria will not work. Therefore we will need to make new kinds of ………. to fight the new types of ………..

A. antibiotics, bacteria

B. bacteria, antibiotics

C. antibodies, bacteria

D. antibiotics, viruses

Select the correct definition for antibiotics.

A. Chemicals which destroy bacteria.

B. Chemicals which destroy fungi.

C. Chemicals which destroy viruses.

D. Chemicals which destroy parasites.

What are the four ways in which bacteria are spread?

A. touch, food, water, insects & animals

B. touch, sight, taste, hearing, smell

C. jumping, leaping, hopping, skipping

D. touch, food, drink, oxygen

If you go to a doctor and are prescribed antibiotics you probably have an illness cause by a

A. virus

B. bacteria

C. host cell

D. macrophage

Select the example of something which does not cause antibiotic resistance.

A. Not finishing a course of antibiotics.

B. Giving antibiotics to live stock (animals we eat).

C. Using antibiotics when we don’t need them.

D. Finishing a course of antibiotics.

Select the example of an antibiotic.

A. vaccine

B. pathogen

C. penicillin

D. antibody


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