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Branches of Microbiology Quiz

Most bacteria are

A. Harmful

B. Helpful

C. Begnin

D. Cancer

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Integumentary System: Skin Disorder Skeleton The Circulatory System Skin Structure Digestion and Absorption of Carbohydrates Organelles Bacteria, Viruses, and Fungi Cellular Respiration Brain Bone Marrow Histology Vocabulary Haematology Pathology Inflammation Body Fluids & Circulation Healthcare Delivery Systems and Insurance

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Life Processes Excretion › View

Poisons can build up in the body if organs don’t filter and get rid of them. This makes you sick and you could die. What is another name for poisons?

A. toxins

B. enzymes

CRISPR and Sickle-Cell Disease › View

What is the potential risk associated with off-target edits in CRISPR–Cas9 therapies?

A. Introduction of unwanted mutations

B. Increased risk of cancer

C. Inadequate genetic diversity in the analysis

D. Insufficient sampling of cells from sickle-cell disease patients