Medical Quiz

Medical Terminology Quiz

Abbreviations are

A. alright to use if using universally recognized abbreviations

B. alright to use

C. not alright to use

D. can only be used as symbols

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Skeletal System Homeostatic Imbalances Life Cycle - Bee Biocomposite Antibiotic in Orthopaedics Digestive and Circulatory System Macromolecules Respiratory System Sources Of Food Mitosis Deficiency Disease Neuron Structure Cardiovascular and Respiratory How the Eyes work Regulating the Cell Cycle Laboratory Careers

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A BMI greater than 40 kg/m^2 would be classified as:

A. Pre-obese

B. Obese Class I

C. Obese Class II

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Which type of tumor is being described below:

Spreads Dangerous Grows quickly
A. Benign

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