Medical Quiz

Year 7 Nutrition Quiz


What is an example of Protein?

A. Vegetables

B. Bread

C. Chicken

D. Pizza

We can get calcium nutrients from which food source?

A. Dairy

B. Fats

C. Fibre

D. Protein

You can improve your physical activity by:

A. Setting goals

B. Eating food

C. Getting lots of sleep

D. Being lazy

Why is it important to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

A. To maintain a healthy weight

B. To increase your energy levels

C. To improve you mental well-being

D. All of the above

Milk, cheese and yoghurt are examples of:

A. Dairy

B. Protein

C. Fats

D. Vegetables

What does the “T” stand for in SMART targets?

A. Timely

B. Tedium

C. Torture

D. Triangular

What does the “A” stand for in SMART goals?

A. Awesome

B. Aggressive

C. Achievable

D. Attainable

What is an example of a dairy product?

A. Milk

B. Bread

C. Pasta

D. Pizza

Apples, Bananas, Peaches and strawberries are examples of:

A. Vegetables

B. Fruits

C. Protein

D. Fats

Which of these is an example of food that contains fibre?

A. Cereal

B. Milk

C. Eggs

D. Pasta

Does a food label contain the country of origin?

A. Yes

B. No

What is the main reason we eat food?

A. To stop boredom

B. To meet our daily energy needs

C. Because it tastes good

D. Because its fun

Eggs are categorised under which food group?

A. Protein

B. Carbohydrates

C. Fibre

D. Fats

How many minutes of Physical activity are recommended by the Australian Guidelines?

A. 60 minutes

B. 45 minutes

C. 30 minutes

D. 100 minutes

Which of these is an example of a food source that has Carbohydrates?

A. Bread

B. Milk

C. Beef

D. Carrots

All healthy food has a star rating?



Bread, cereal, oats, rice and pasta are examples of:

A. Carbohydrates

B. Fats

C. Vegetables

D. Dairy


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