Medical Quiz

Medical Terminology Quiz

Symbols are

A. used in place of common words as a form of shorthand

B. used in place of medical terms as a form of short hand

C. not really used anymore due to technology

D. abbreviations formed from the first letter of each word or phrase

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Intravenous Fluid Therapy CNA Introduction Brain/Neuron Anatomy Digestive System Medical Terminology All About Bacteria Tenses Vitamins Purpose and Function of the Skeletal System Axial & Appendicular Skeleton Nutrient Cycling Skeletal System Vocabulary Infection Detection Disease, Illness and Sickness Germs Foodborne Illness

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The smallest difference between two stimuli that can be detected 50% of the time is called

A. absolute threshold

B. difference threshold

C. sensory adaptation

D. subliminal perception

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What is the function of Tonsils?

A. To prevent germs from getting in your mouth

B. To prevent germs from getting in your body

C. To disinfect