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A protein hormone acts inside the cell:



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First Aid Check up Hematology Cardiovascular System Stem Cells & Cell Differentiation Tib/Fib, Knee and Femur The Nervous System and The Senses Vocabulary Nutritional Measurements Renal Cell Speed, Flexibility part of Components of Physical Fitness Excretion Bone Development and Remodeling Anatomy and Histology of Stomach Cell Injury

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Systematic Bacteriology › View

Members of the phylum ________________, formerly known as the green nonsulphur bacteria, have primarily been associated with extreme habitats such as hot springs, and hypersaline environments where they are known as (filamentous) anoxygenic photothophs

A. Bacteroidetes

B. Chloroflexi

C. Cyanobacteria

D. Proteobacteria

Health and Medicine › View

Which of these is a basic first aid procedure?

A. Cleaning and bandaging a cut

B. Putting a cast on a broken arm

C. Getting an x-ray of a swollen finger

D. Popping a dislocated shoulder back into place