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Cells and Organ Systems Quiz

Which system carries needed materials to the body cells and carries wastes away from the body cells?
A. Circulatory
B. Digestive
C. Nervous
D. Excretory

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Also known as nursing homes or geriatric homes.

A. Extended Stay America

B. Residential care facilities

C. Betty Ford Center

D. Independent living and assisted living facilities

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Many times people visit the doctor requesting antibiotics to treat colds and viral infections. How is the doctor justified in offering the patient treatment options that do not include antibiotics for these cases?

A. Colds and viruses should be first treated with viral therapies and then when the body begins to recover, antibiotics can be used. Otherwise, the use of antibiotics is not effective at all.

B. Side effects from antibiotics are severe when used for colds and viruses. Any use of antibiotics for colds and viruses will only make the patient more ill and ultimately make the patient’s recovery time longer.

C. Antibiotics can weaken the immune system when used for colds and viruses, whereas other medications are not so hard on the immune system during these types of illnesses.

D. If a doctor provides an antibiotic to treat colds and viruses, any bacteria in the patient’s body will be killed, but a few will survive. Those few survivors may become resistant to antibiotics needed for real bacterial illnesses.