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an organized structure of knowledge is the definition of :

A. facts and concepts

B. chemistry

C. physics

D. science

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Fitness Circulatory System - Pathway of Blood Liveability Ortho Ward Simulation Genes and Cells Body Systems The Teeth Human Excretory System Anatomy and Physiology Skeletal System Pathology Introduction Cell Injury Cells, Tissues and Organs Vocabulary Lipid Metabolism Shoulder Respiration, Immune System, Blood Cells

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the spontaneous breakdown of cells as they self-digest

A. rigor mortis

B. algor mortis

C. pupa/pupae

D. autolysis

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All are correct matched treatment for DM except –

A. Biguanides – Metformin

B. Sulphonylureas -Glimipiride, Gliclazide

C. GLP1 analogues – Sitagliptin, Linagliptin

D. Insulin analogues – Aspart, Lispro