Medical Quiz

Histology Quiz

Name the Tissue Type:
A. Simple columnar
B. Simple cuboidal
C. Pseuodstratified columnar
D. Transitional

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Skel, Musc, Nerv, Circ, Resp › View

Which statement correctly describes two organ systems working together when the body increases its movement?

A. The excretory system releases extra waste, and the digestive systems breaks down nutrients quickly to replace the waste.

B. The digestive system breaks down nutrients quickly, and the respiratory system delivers the nutrients to the working muscles.

C. The respiratory system increases gas exchange, and the circulatory system circulates blood faster to deliver oxygen to muscles.

D. The circulatory system picks up more carbon dioxide waste from the muscles, and the excretory system releases the carbon dioxide.

CPR › View

How many times can you do the Heimlich on a person?

A. 2 times

B. 3 times

C. 5 times

D. as many times as it takes