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Liveability Quiz

The city pictured is considered one of the safest in the world. It is:

A. Texas

B. Tokyo

C. Kabul

D. Harare

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Biopsychology - Neuroplasticity and Functional Recovery Communicable Diseases and Immune Response (OCR) Tutor Oral Biology Dementia Multicellular Organisms: Organisation Pathology of Respiratory System Pharmacology Anatomy - Muscle Contraction and Growth Organ Senses and Locomotor System Genetics: Viruses and Bacteria Genetics and Censorship Nutrition Lipid Uses of Radioactive Radiation Skel, Musc, Nerv, Circ, Resp Composition of Blood and Blood Cells

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Urinary System › View

Urine is carried from the kidneys to the bladder by two thin tubes called …

A. Ureters

B. Capillaries

C. Urinary tracts

D. Tubules

Germs › View

What ‘germ’ do antibiotics help your body get rid of?

A. Viruses and Fungus

B. Fungus

C. Viruses

D. Bacteria