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is an anxiety disorder that presents itself as recurrent, persistent obsessions or compulsions

A. oppositional disorder 

B. attention deficit disorder

C. obsessive compulsive disorder 

D. defiance 

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Thrombosis, Emboliya › View

Consequences of retrograde embolism of the portal vein?

A. Venous failure of non-paired abdominal organs

B. Arterial and venous hyperemia of internal organs

C. Circulatory disorders of the liver

D. Ischemia and stasis of non-paired abdominal organs

E. cirrhosis of the liver

Physical fitness , Wellness and Lifestyle › View

Which one of these best describes coordination ?

A. To change body position quickly

B. To exercise the body for long periods of time

C. To move tow or more body parts together smoothly

D. To perform strength movements quickly