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Disability Etiquette & Physical Activities Quiz

Which is not a good way to adapt a program for children with special needs?

A. making the physical environment accessible

B. modifying activities and equipment as needed

C. allowing extra transition time in the schedule

D. asking other children to do things for children with special needs

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Laser in Medicine › View

How does laser surgery minimize blood loss compared to traditional surgery?

A. Laser surgery increases blood flow instead of minimizing it.

B. Laser surgery uses magnets to control blood loss.

C. Laser surgery causes blood vessels to expand, leading to more bleeding.

D. Laser surgery cauterizes blood vessels as it cuts.

Restrictive Respiratory Disorders › View

The following is the pathophysiology for which restrictive pulmonary disease:

Airborne droplets inspired into lungs; inflammation –> inc neutrophil, macrophage activity; bacilli sealed off –> tubercle lesion; scar tissue

A. Tuberculosis


C. Pulmonary fibrosis

D. Pneumonia